Project 3097 - Construction of a Guesthouse

Benedictine Sisters of Morropón (Peru)


community MORROPONIn 1969 the Benedictine sisters of Ferdinand (USA) arrived in Peru and consecrated themselves to education in a parish school founded by Augustinian brothers. In 1982 they founded a monastery at Morropón to welcome Peruvian recruits. The first two arrived in 1982. The monastery is still dependent on the monastery of Ferdinand.

The community consists of five Peruvian sisters and two postulants. All of the sisters have a diploma in education. Because of their courage in such difficult living conditions the community is closely supported by a member of the Internatonal Team of the AIM.



The community would like to build a guesthouse to receive groups and individuals and to offer retreats. The total cost is estimated at €91,100. The monastery of Ferdinand supports the project with €21,640, the community adds €9,110. The sisters are looking for further financial support.


Requested amount: €25,000

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