Community of El Rosál, Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Project 6641 - Renovation of a hotel building


MaisonThe Cundinamarca, is the most populated of the thirty-two departments of Colombia. It is located on the western Andes in the geographical centre of the country and includes the capital, Bogotá. El Rosál is a city located 20 km from Bogotá and 2,685 metres above sea level. Much of El Rosál’s farming community is employed by the major flower producers.

At the end of 2018, the community of Trappist nuns of Humocaro (Venezuela) sent three sisters to found a community in El Rosál, Cundinamarca (Colombia). It is the first Trappist foundation in Colombia. The sisters have acquired a suitable land where there is a large family home that they are developing.



The sisters wish to make a small guesthouse in one of the buildings which would include: a porter’s lodge with a parlour and a small shop, and two guest rooms. This involves renovating existing bathrooms, electricity, doors, painting, windows, etc. The total cost is estimated at 12,480 euros.


Requested amount: € 12,480

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