SOUTH AFRICA - Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of Twasana (OSB)

Project 6609 - Air-tickets for a formation in Chicago


TwasanaThe congregation of Benedictine Sisters of Twasana was founded in 1929 in the diocese of Eshowe by Bishop Thomam Spreiter, a Benedictine. It was officially recognised by Rome in 1933. In 2014 this native congregation comprised 54 sisters (including 3 temporarily professed and one novice). Their activity with the local population is varied: health, education, catechism, etc.

The monastery of the Sacred Heart in Illinois (USA) is offering to finance studies in the USA for two sisters of the congregation of Twasana. After 6 months in Chicago to perfect their English the two sisters will be received in the monastery of the Sacred Heart where they will learn social and psychological work and nursing. The congregation of Twasana needs financial help for the costs of the flight for the two sisters.


Requested amount: € 2,760

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