DRC - Monastery of Saint-Sauveur, Lubumbashi (OSB)

Project 6613 - Formation of two sisters


lubumbashi1The first young African sisters were received in 1946 by Mother Marie-Agathe Funk, of the Benedictine Sisters of the monastery of Loppem (Belgium). In 1965 the young community entered the Benedictine Congregation of the Queen of Apostles, to which the monastery of Loppem already belonged. After several moves the monastery has been established on the edge of Lubumbashi which is constantly growing, and where the community must respond to many requests for help from the poorest members of society.

The community of Saint-Sauveur runs several maternity schools, primary and secondary. It organises a centre for literacy and for Christian formation of adults. To this is added reception of retreatants in the little guesthouse as well as work in the fields and the mill. In 2014 the community comprised 21 sisters including one in temporary vows and three novices.

In order to continue helping the neighbours of the monastery two sisters are beginning a course of studies, the first a licence in educational science at the University of Lubumbashi (2 years), the second a degree in chemistry at the higher pedagogical institute of Lubumbashi (3 years) for the supervision of the laboratory at the school and health-centre of the sisters.


Requested amount: € 3,720

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