NAMIBIA - Community of Oshikuku (OSB)

Project 6627 - Various Formations for the Sisters of Oshikuku


OshikukuThe congregation of Oshikuku is a local congregation in the archdiocese of Windhoek.

A young Namibian founded the congregation in 1932. In 2014 the congregation comprised 137 sisters. They are engaged in different apostolates such as teaching, care, administration of hostels. They also have their own school (Hospitality School). They are also involved in pastoral work: catechism, work with young people and women, care of orphans and vulnerable children.

The Hospitality School was opened in 2007 and serves young mothers and girls who have left school early. They are formed in sewing, cooking, tourism, information, office work, English and African languages, gardening. The purpose is that they should get a job and earn their living.

The reason for the large number of activities of the congregation is to remain effective. It is necessary to form the sisters for different skills and activities. Six sisters are at present in various formations in Namibia and Tanzania: accounting, plumbing, administration, education.


Requested amount: € 5,000

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