TANZANIa - Monastery of Ndanda (OSB)

Project 6599 - Medical studies for a sister

Ndanda2018The African Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of Our Lady was founded at Ndanda in 1946 by Bishop Joachim Annan, a Benedictine of St Ottilien. The purpose of the Congregation is to respond to the needs of the local population. Its services extend over five dioceses. In October 2011 three sisters began a foundation in Mozambique in response to an appeal by the bishop of Pemba. In 2014 the Congregation numbered 280 religious. More than 60% of the resources of the Congregation depend on the agricultural production generated by the sisters.

The sisters engage with the local population: care for the sick and marginalised, teaching in schools, help to women who have been abused. To respond to these needs Sr Vestina is pursuing medical studies at the Catholic University of Ruaha (Tanzania). The formation lasts three years and Sr Vestina is in the third year. The total cost for the year includes fees, food, books and other necessities.


Requested amount: € 1,940

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