Monastery of Navajeevan (OSB)

Project 6622 - Scholarship for three brothers


NavajeevancteThe monastery of Navajeevan was founded in 1987 by the monastery of Makkiyad. In 2015 is comprised twelve solemnly professed monks, three in temporary vows and a novice. The superior attributes great importance to the education and formation of the young to give a solid foundation to the community.

In accordance with their vocation the Sylvestrines live a community life of prayer, manual labour and hospitality. Their ministry includes preaching and retreats, the charge of a parish composed of six villages, and a school for poor children five km from the monastery.

Three brothers in temporary vows are studying philosophy at the institute directed by the brothers of St Joseph, Makkiyad. This institute has recently been affiliated to the institute of Sant’ Anselmo. The duration of studies for a baccalaureate in philosophy is three years.


Requested amount: € 3,000

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