DRC - Monastery of Mvanda (OCSO)

Project 6619 - Formation for aspirants, postulants and novices of monasteries in the region


MvandasessionsjeunesThe monastery of Mvanda was founded by the monastery of the Star of Our Lady (Benin) in 1991. It has been supported by the sisters of Vitorchiano (Italy) since 2000.

A formation-course for the young of the monasteries and religious communities of the region was established several years ago, under the leadership of the priory of Mvanda. The course consists of three annual sessions followed by 24 young people, accompanied by their formators. The sessions are led by monks and nuns. The course is much appreciated by all those responsible for the formation in the different noviciates. The cost of the three sessions is €8,180.

Themes of the sessions: self-knowledge, introduction to Holy Scripture, fraternity in the Bible.


Requested amount: € 6,000

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