DRC - Monastery of Kiswishi, Lubumbashi (OSB)

Project 6617 - Formation of Postulants, Novices and Young Professed Brothers


Kiswishi2018The monastery of Our Lady of the Springs was founded in 1947 by Benedictine monks of the foundation in Katanga from the Abbey of Saint-Andre (Bruges, Belgium). After several moves it settled 15km from Lubumbashi in 1960. The brothers built a little school and medical centre. A guesthouse with forty rooms received retreatants. In 2015 the community comprised about 40 brothers.

In 2018 there were 7 postulants, 10 novices and 6 in temporary vows.

In October 2017 three brothers were sent on a mission to the diocese of Kilwa-Kasenga, founded in the 1910s, but devoid of any Benedictine presence since 1960.

The community has at its heart a stadium for young monks in formation. Some courses are given by the monks, others by externs. The community has a budget for formation, but it is not large enough to cover all the expenses.


Requested amount: € 5,000

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