DRC - Monastery of the Tree of Life, Kinshasa (OSB)

Project 6610 - Professional Formation of a Sister


ArbredeVie2018The monastery of the Tree of Life was founded in 1997 by the monastery of Saint-Sauveur (Lubumbashi).

The community owns a plantation of fruit-trees and edible plants. Young boys work with the community and so are able to pay for their schooling. A woman pays the rent of the house. The vegetables are not sold to the large shops, but the women of the district come to buy them at a moderate price and sell them on. In this way they can afford the medical expenses of their children. The community also provides drinking-water for the local populations from a well 125m deep. In 2014 a health-centre was built.

Sister Noella, who already holds national diplomas in physics and nursing, is at present in the second year of a licence in business studies at the National Pedagogic University.

Requested amount: € 840

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