Purchase of computers for school

Benedictine missionary sisters from Tutzing to Jinja (Uganda)


Geographic location

Jinja is a town located north of Lake Victoria, the second largest shopping centre in Uganda.

Lake Victoria is sometimes considered the source of the Nile; the lake is fed by rivers of considerable size, the longest of which comes from Rwanda. The Nile has two large tributaries called "White Nile" and "Blue Nile". The river near Jinja, known as "Victoria Nile", is part of the White Nile route, while the Blue Nile comes from Ethiopia and joins the White Nile in Khartoum.



The Benedictine missionary sisters of Tutzing arrived in 1993 to open their first home in Uganda, not far from the city of Jinja.

The monastery building of the priory was completed in 2007 and now houses an international community of fifteen sisters from Uganda, Kenya, the Philippines and Korea.



Fifteen sisters, including eight solemn professed and seven temporary professed.



In 1995, the sisters opened a clinic for the inhabitants of the locality, and a kindergarten. This later became the current school.

The dispensary run by the sisters received an award recognizing the official recognition of the government authorities.

The school has a total of seven hundred children up to the age of thirteen. The school offers a boarding facility for one hundred pupils, especially orphans and victims of ill-treatment and social misery. The school welcomes Hindus, Muslims and Christians. The Saint Benedict school is ranked fourth in the district out of a total of two hundred and fifty-six schools.



The sisters would like to improve the quality of education:

- Today, training Catholic leaders requires computer skills. Graduate children are often admitted to high-level secondary schools, but they do not have any computer training.

- Improving the quality of student education amounts to increasing the resources of the administration and teachers.

Planned investment:

- an upgrade of computers in the administration sector (two laptops and printers);

- the purchase of three computers and a printer for the teaching staff (currently they have none at their disposal);

- the purchase of fifteen computers for the classes (currently the children have none).

The total cost is 16,290 euros.


Desired amount: 15 800 euros.

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