Monastery of Tamu, Kisumu (osb, Kenya)

Project 6629 - Acquisition of Altar Bread Making Machines


Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa. The city was created in 1901 by the British to be a stop, with boarding and disembarking on ferries and the railroad between Mombasa and Uganda. It is also the most important lacustrine port of Lake Victoria.

The Tamu Monastery was founded in 2014 by the community of Tororo (Uganda) at the request of the Archbishop of Kisumu. The community has a small cattle and goat farm and a hen house. It makes candles and has a small workshop of liturgical vestments which works mainly in the period of priestly ordinations.



Agriculture is currently unprofitable, in providing the sisters with food, because of alternating heavy rains and drought. The sisters have plans to set up an altar bread workshop to obtain a more stable income. The clientele is ensured by the fact that there is no religious community making altar bread in their diocese.

The sisters do not have the financial means to acquire the appropriate machines for making altar bread (cooking, cutting, humidifying, etc.). The desired machines are a German brand (Kissing), the estimated cost is 16,007 euros.

Requested amount: 16,000 euros.

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