Abbaye Saint-Benoît de Koubri
01 B.P. 123
Ouagadougou 01
Burkina Faso

Request for the purchase of a vehicle

ToyotaKoubriWe currently have one vehicle for our community. It was bought used in 2001.  We have done many repairs on this car, but now it is exhausted.

We use this car for several services:

- The community uses this car to do the shopping and for the trip Brothers in the Monasteries of the sub-region for meetings.

- The dairy farm: transport of trainees (farmers, students, private individuals) that we welcome to the training farm, with visits to other farms that were created by our farm, only in the country.

- To our neighbors, the villagers: to their shopping at the Capital, health and travel off. They ask us to accompany them to the happy and painful events: weddings, deaths, funerals, demands that we can not refuse by humanity.

We sent our request to benefactors in Austria with a notice of recommendation from our Bishop, Msgr Philippe Ouedraogo.

total cost of the vehicle: € 34 603,65

Amount requested: € 11 534

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