- Monastic Charism, Fr Martin Neyt OSB, President of AIM

Dame Teresa Rodrigues, Fr Marie-Bernard de Soos

Monastic Tradition today

- A New Benedictine Saint: Bernard Tolomei (1272-1348), Br Bernard-M Buchoud

- Testimony of Mother Françoise Abbess of Notre-Dame Saint Eustase, Eyres, Moncube

- 40th Anniversary of ATMT

* Monasticism and the Challenge of Our Age, Fr Martin Neyt

* The Monastic Charism in the Life of the Church, Fr. Jean-Pierre Longeat

* Testimony of Br Bernard

* Testimony of Sister Immaculée

* Testimony of Sister Maria Paula

* Testimony of Sister Haregeweine

- A Slice of Subiaco in Vietnam, Fr Thomas Cole

- A Jubilee Partnership: The Millenary of Solesmes and the 11th Centenary of Cluny, Fr Thierry Barbeau


- Saint Benedict and Celibacy, Sister Lauentia Johns

Monastic news

- 2007-2009 New Foundations, New Frontiers, Dom Gerardo González y Lima

- Monasticism in the United States

- News from Brazil

- Cistercians Now in Norway

- The Monastery of La Bouenza, Fr Bernard de Longvialle

- Haiti at the Heart of the Earthquake, Fr Jean-Michel, Abbot of Landevennec

- Extract from the Chronicle of Toffo

- Tanzania: The Abbey of St Maurus in Full Expansion

- Waegewan Celebrates! Dr Johannes Mahr

- 125 Years of the Tutzing Sisters, 125 Years of God’s Faithfulness, Sr Matilda Handl


27th International Eccumenical Colloquium on Orthodox Spirituality, Fr Adalberto Mainardi

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