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The Benedictine Commission on China (BCC) brings together representatives from Benedictine monasteries throughout the world to exchange information about the work of their communities related to China and to discuss cooperation on projects for China.

The meeting is held each year at Sant’Anselmo on the first Saturday after Ash Wednesday; this year the meeting was held 9 March.

The Abbot Primate, Abbot Gregory Polan, O.S.B., is the head of the BCC. The monasteries of monks active in China include St. Ottilien Archabbey (Germany), St. Vincent Archabbey (Latrobe, PA, USA), Waegwan Abbey (Korea), St. John’s Abbey (Collegeville MN, USA), Camaldoli Monastery (Italy), St. Procopius Abbey (Lisle, IL, USA) and St. Bede Abbey (Peru, IL, USA).

Benedictine Sisters involved with China are the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, the Olivetan Benedictines (Busan, Korea) and St. Benedict’s Monastery (St. Joseph’s, MN, USA). Representatives from Alliance for International Monasticism (AIM) and from the Generalate of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (OCSO) usually also participate in the meeting.

Each meeting also has a specially-invited guest speaker. In recent years, these speakers have been representatives from the Vatican knowledgeable about negotiations with China. Among the topics discussed in the BCC meeting this year were cooperation with educational institutes in China and the formation of young Chinese monastics.

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Newsletter von AIM, Juli 2019.


In recent days, a person sends a message to monasteries usurping my identity with an email address that is not mine, to ask for reception facilities for friends from abroad who are looking for a vocation discernment or something of the same kind. This message is not from me, ignore it.

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Letter to the Cistercian Family


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OSB Nachrichten


Am 4. August 2019 wählte die Gemeinde Chevetogne (Belgien) Dom Lambert Vos zum neuen Abt des Klosters. Zum Zeitpunkt der Wahl war Dom Lambert Vos Prior und Verwalter der Gemeinde.

San Antonio de Arredondo

Schwester María del Pilar Olivera wird am Samstag, den 3. August 2019 um 11 Uhr im Kloster San Antonio de Arredondo (Abtei Gaudium Mariae, Argentinien) ihre feierliche Profess ablegen.

Abbot President Guillermo

Abbot President of Subiaco Cassinese Congregation Appointed to Vatican Congregation for Consecrated Life. OSB website

OCIST Nachrichten


Am Fest der Himmelfahrt der Jungfrau Maria legte Schwester Marie-Charlotte Girard ihre feierlichen Gelübde in der Abtei Boulaur in den Händen der Äbtissin Mutter Emmanuelle Desjobert ab.

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Am 18. Juli 2019 wählte das Konventuelle Kapitel der Abtei My-Ca (Vietnam) Pater Pierre Khoa Nguyen Thai Binh für einen Zeitraum von zehn Jahren zum neuen Abt. OCIST


Am 16. Mai 2019 wurde im Zisterzienserstift Lilienfeld P. Pius Maurer zum neuen Abt gewählt.

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OCSO Nachrichten


Mutter Monica Della Volpe, seit 1995 Äbtissin des Klosters Valserena (Italien), die das in ST 40.A. der Konstitutionen genannte Alter erreicht hat, hat ihren Rücktritt beim Abt General eingereicht.

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Am 15. August 2019, dem Fest der Himmelfahrt der Jungfrau Maria, legte Bruder Charles de Foucauld Leger seine feierliche Profess im Kloster von Tamié (Frankreich) ab.

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Nasi Pani

Am 6. August 2019 legte Schwester Eliška Krehlikova ihre feierliche Profess im Kloster Naší Paní (Tschechien) ab.

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